Amazon Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Amazon Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas’s Affiliate Program for Nonprofits

Nonprofits can fundraise with Smile Program. Mos of the major online retailers offer affiliate programs through which they provide commissions to businesses, websites, and nonprofits that help to drive both traffic and sales? keeps track of it all and pays your nonprofit commissions on the tes purchased by people you referred to for fundraising.

Everything on Amazon can earn your nonprofit a commission with their new “Smile” program for non profits. How much cash? For each purchase made through these links, your nonprofit earns up to 10% in advertising fees from’s affiliate/fundraising program. 10% might sound like a lot but it can add up. Many nonprofits recommend books and more that people are going to buy on anyway. By sharing your Fundraising Link with your recommendation you can raise funds without any extra effort.

Remember, millions of internet users buy from Amazon.

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