Nonprofit Resources

Nonprofit Resources

Top Resources for Nonprofits

Nonprofits all face some of the same challenges. Fundraising, operations and volunteer retention are just a few.  This is a list of nonprofit resources we’ve used or have been suggested by our loyal readers like you. We frequently add new resources and welcome your suggestions. The recommendations below are all operational resources for nonprofits. For specific fundraising ideas see, “Top 5 Fundraising Ideas

Check back often as we update this page as we get more recommendations and suggestions form nonprofits sharing the tools and products they can’t do without.

Telephone Systems Designed For Nonprofits

Nonprofit Phone SystemWe LOVE Grasshopper and so does Forbes Magazine, Fast Company and others. Grasshopper helps you sound like a million bucks for as little as $12 a month. It’s perfect for nonprofits that have staff and volunteers located all over. Grasshopper gives your nonprofit unlimited extensions for staff and volunteers, audio and transcriptions emailed and stored online and an APP  allowing you to make calls from your cell and have your nonprofit number show on caller ID.
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Legal Forms for Nonprofits

Nonprofit is a great resource for all the forms you need to properly run and protect your nonprofit and offers many of them free of charge. They offer 20,000 legal forms for only $4.99 (custom for your state) making them the most popular choice for charities and nonprofits. Some of the free nonprofit forms include the “Donation Request Form & Checklist“, “Donation Thank You Letter” and “Fundraiser Invitation“.


Crowdfunding Websites for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Fundraising with CrowdfudningCrowdfunding has become a powerful fundraising tool for nonprofits. We’ve written two articles that will help you select the best crowdfunding website for your nonprofit. The most popular ones are not the best choice for nonprofits. KickStarter and IndieGogo were first but now there are many crowdfunding websites that cater to nonprofits.
Top 5 Crowdfunding Websites for Nonprofits
Comparing CrowdFundng Fees


Social Media Management for Nonprofits

HootSuite Nonprofit MediaHootsuite helps you take control of your nonprofits social media and track all your social network channels in one place. You can monitor what people say and respond instantly to comments or questions from your supporters on multiple networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The free account is sufficient for most nonprofits. The Pro Version is only $9 a month.
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Website Hosting

Nonprofit Hosting AccountsHostGator is the only hosting account we recommend to nonprofits. The level of support they offer is unheard of today. HostGator support is available 24/7/365 and staffed with people qualified to solve issues. We’ve seen them help nonprofits over and over again on issues that other hosting companies wouldn’t bother with. HostGator is the preferred hosting company for WordPress and the #1 choice of nonprofit organizations.
Recommended Hosting for Nonprofits

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