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Appeal Generator

Do you struggle to write a great fundraising appeal? Don’t know where to start? Let us help. You have two options to automatically create a great fundraising appeal: one if you have a story about someone your organization has helped and one if you don’t have a story. This proven fundraising appeal model has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. Create your next great fundraising appeal.

I have a fundraising story I’d like to share with my readers.

This appeal generator will help you form the story in a way that speaks to the reader and encourages conversion. Best if you have more details about what you’re asking your donor to do.

Create My Appeal

I don’t have a story, but I still need a great fundraising appeal.

The MagicAppeal fundraising appeal generator will create a great appeal for you with no story. Customize it to fit your nonprofit and you’ll have a unique fundraising appeal that works!


Learn How to Write Better Fundraising Appeals

Email Appeal Writing System

Writing a great story in your fundraising email appeal makes a tremendous difference. It's vital that all of the elements necessary are there - this email appeal checklist PDF will help you craft a compelling fundraising story.

Tell a Story of One Person to Improve Your Fundraising

Great fundraising is about one person, not a bunch of people. Great fundraising is about a single person who needs the donor’s help, not the cause we’re fighting for. Learn how to tell the story of one person to improve your fundraising.

Episode 016 – Effective Nonprofit Storytelling

Storytelling is the foundation of excellent nonprofit marketing. Jeremy is frequently asked, "how do I effectively tell our story?" In this special episode, Jeremy Reis explores effective nonprofit storytelling that produces results. You'll learn the tips and tricks to writing great nonprofit stories that raise funds and builds relationships with your donors and stakeholders.

Want Better Email Fundraising Success? Make It Easier to Read

You spend countless hours crafting the perfect fundraising appeal, but all your hard work could be for nothing if potential donors can't understand what you're trying to say. In order to ensure that your message is getting across loud and clear, use these tips to make your fundraising appeals easier to read.

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