Magnetic Nonprofit

Do you want to attract more donors, volunteers, and staff?

What separates declining nonprofits from extraordinarily successful ones? Using studies, research, and personal experience, Jeremy Reis explains how some nonprofits attract and retain supporters.

Only 19% of first-time donors give a second gift. This statistic shows us we have a significant problem in the nonprofit industry. You don’t have to accept that number. In Magnetic Nonprofit, you’ll learn the six attributes of a nonprofit that bring in new supporters and helps you retain them.

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Are you struggling with fundraising challenges in 2024?

This book will help you excel in an unpredictable environment! Learn the essential fundraising trends and predictions in 2024.

Navigate the future of fundraising with 24 Fundraising Trends & Predictions for 2024, the essential guide for every nonprofit professional. In an era where change is the only constant, this book serves as your compass, guiding you through the most significant trends shaping the nonprofit world. 

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The Post-Pandemic Nonprofit

The pandemic put tremendous pressure on nonprofits.

This book will help you stay ahead of the curve by arming you with insights into 12 trends that will impact nonprofits during and after the pandemic, including how they can be leveraged for growth. You’ll learn what nonprofit leaders need to know about each trend through thorough research and examples of charities and other organizations impacted by these trends.

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Raise More Money with Email

How do you use email to raise more money for your nonprofit?

To succeed today in email fundraising, you need to do more than just email your donors. You need to tell a compelling story that moves the reader emotionally to give. 

Raise More Money with Email will equip you to do just that. 

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