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Learn how to raise more money so you can help more people from fundraising experts who have been in your shoes. Gain the skills necessary to grow your nonprofit organization. Get certified and demonstrate your expertise.

Essential Certifications for Aspiring Fundraisers

Discover why nonprofit fundraising certifications are essential for fundraising professionals, and learn how these targeted programs can boost your career and drive your organization’s success.

Get More Donations from Your Nonprofit Leads Through an Email Welcome Series

A well-crafted, 5-part email welcome series is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations to engage new leads, build trust, and effectively convert them into loyal donors by providing value, sharing impact stories, and making compelling donation appeals.

10 Post-Event Survey Questions

Discover the 10 essential post-event survey questions that will help you gain valuable insights, improve your fundraising events, and create a stronger connection with your attendees and supporters.

Elevate Your Career with Our Nonprofit Fundraising Certifications

Make a greater impact with a nonprofit fundraising certification, demonstrating your skills and knowledge to propel your organization to new heights. Discover the certifications »

Nonprofit Answers Podcast

Episode 40 – What are the Key Steps to Starting a Successful Monthly Giving Program?

In this episode, we discuss the importance of monthly giving for nonprofit fundraising, and provide practical guidance on how to start a successful monthly giving program.

Episode 39 – How do I choose an email service provider?

An email service provider (ESP) is a company that enables organizations to send out mass emails.  If you’ve ever signed up for a newsletter or clicked “subscribe” to receive updates from a website, chances are you’ve used an ESP. Learn how to pick the right ESP.

Episode 38 – Effective Calls to Action

Listen to episode 38 of Nonprofit Answers to learn about effective calls-to-action and motivate your donors to great conversion.

Navigate the future of fundraising with 24 Fundraising Trends & Predictions for 2024, the essential guide for every nonprofit professional. In an era where change is the only constant, this book serves as your compass, guiding you through the most significant trends shaping the nonprofit world. 

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Insights & Advice for 12 Disruptive Trends Impacting Nonprofits

The pandemic has put tremendous pressure on nonprofits. Nonprofit leaders are under pressure to do more with less. How can my nonprofit thrive after the pandemic? Learn the 12 disruptive trends that will impact nonprofit organizations during and after the pandemic.

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What Nonprofit Professionals Say About Us

Learn nonprofit fundraising, marketing, and leadership skills

Jeremy Reis is a proven and successful Marketing and Development leader who has very practical yet innovative insights and ideas on how to better engage donors across multiple channels while increasing results. His engaging and creative thoughts bring the fun back into fundraising!

Kristin Smith

VP, Marketing & Development

Jeremy has always been one of my go-to’s for all things non-profit fundraising. He’s generous with his knowledge and always willing to share tips. The real-life experience that he shares in his content will truly help accelerate your funding. Don’t miss out! Join the community and watch your fundraising results grow.

Charity Medina

Heights Strategic Marketing

Jeremy Reis pulls back the curtain and provides a simple framework for nonprofit practitioners seeking predictable increase in donor giving, volunteer engagement and staff retention.

Marc Stein

Co-Founder, Nonprofit Excellence

Jeremy shares game-changing truths, concepts, and advice for any and everyone who wants to do a better job being “sticky” when it comes to attracting and keeping passionate and committed donors and other partners.

David Evans

Former President, Food for the Hungry