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Fundraisers should use pride, not apology, when asking for a gift for a charity that is doing good work.

Henry Rosso

Who is this site for?


YOU can be a fundraiser!

This site is for anyone with a passion for a cause. Perhaps you’ve just started out in the fundraising profession, or maybe you have been working in development but need to learn more about digital marketing, or even, perhaps, you have a passion for a cause and just want to learn how to help raise more money, if so, this site is for you.

We’ve created this site to teach you the art and science of fundraising. Articles and training videos are categorized and rated by level of experience, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. No matter your starting point, you will be able to learn how to be an excellent fundraiser. Discover great courses that will help you become the fundraiser you want to be.

Natural born fundraiser is a myth. You can learn the skill of fundraising and raise millions of dollars for your favorite cause. I want to show you how.

What skills will you learn?


Fundraising is similar to other industries: there are specific skills you will learn to become a great fundraiser.

From understanding the motivations to why people give to writing fundraising copy that converts, as someone new to fundraising, you’ll need to understand the psychology of the donor and how to present your fundraising campaign. You’ll also need technical skills for managing a donor database, analyzing results, and creating tests to optimize performance.

You will learn how direct mail differs from digital, how to perform direct mail donor acquisition programs and how we’ve adapted those acquisition programs online.

As you progress, you’ll learn different types of donors such as general, continuity, mid-level, major, legacy, corporation, foundation and more. Different types of donors will behave and give differently and understanding how they think will help you craft the perfect fundraising campaigns.

Find fundraising courses that will teach you how to become a world-class fundraiser.

What should I read first?


Why Fundraising Asks are Vital to Your Faith-Based Nonprofit

Discover how making compelling fundraising asks can transform your faith-based nonprofit, strengthen donor relationships, and help you fulfill your God-given mission in this essential guide for passionate fundraisers.

What Does the Bible Say About Stewardship?

Discover the transformative biblical principles of stewardship that will not only enhance your fundraising practices but also deepen your understanding of God’s call to manage resources, talents, and relationships for His glory.

7 Tips for Volunteer Fundraisers

Discover seven game-changing tips that will transform you from a volunteer fundraiser into a fundraising superstar, empowering you to make a lasting impact on the causes you care about most.

35 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Nonprofit Conference

Discover 35 essential tips to supercharge your nonprofit conference experience, unleash your potential, and ignite your passion for driving positive change in the world.

12 Critical Reasons You Need a Sustainer Program

Learn the importance of sustainer programs for organizations, emphasizing their role in ensuring financial stability, fostering donor relationships, enabling strategic resource allocation, and enhancing overall impact.

11 Benefits Corporations Gain from Nonprofit Sponsorships

Learn how corporate sponsorships of non-profit organizations not only foster societal welfare but also yield significant, multifaceted benefits for corporations, including enhanced brand image, consumer loyalty, and sustainable business growth.

10 Tips for a Direct Mail Fundraising Appeal Envelope Design that Converts

Learn 10 crucial tips for designing a direct mail fundraising appeal envelope that not only stands out in a crowded mailbox but also converts readers into donors.

10 Tips for Creating Nonprofit Email Newsletters that Inform and Inspire Your Supporters

Discover ten comprehensive tips for creating engaging and effective nonprofit newsletters that encourage involvement from your supporters.

The Role of Urgency and Scarcity in Email Fundraising

Learn the effective use of urgency and scarcity in email fundraising, emphasizing that while these tactics can drive immediate action and increase donations, they must be used judiciously and genuinely to avoid donor fatigue and maintain trust.

Involving Church Small Groups in Fundraising

Harness the potential of small groups in the church community, fostering effective fundraising initiatives rooted in unity, collaboration, and inclusive participation.

Key Fundraising Terms Defined

Mastering key fundraising terms goes beyond mere definitions; it’s about understanding their implications and leveraging them effectively in campaigns, donor communications, and team interactions for maximum impact.

6 Successful Phone Scripts for Getting More Corporate Sponsorships

Discover six tailored phone scripts designed to engage and secure corporate sponsorships, each optimized for clarity, persuasion, and relationship-building.
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