Tools and Resources

In your journey to become a world-class nonprofit fundraiser, you need the right tools and resources to help you accomplish your goals. You want to excel at fundraising – and I want to help. You will find the best tools and resources to help you continue to grow as a fundraiser and more effectively raise funds.


Email Appeal Generator

Do you struggle to write a fundraising appeal? This free tool helps you assemble a great fundraising appeal. You take a guided walk thru answering questions about your appeal and at the end you’ll receive a complete appeal. You can even have it emailed to yourself! Best of all – this tool is free!

Fundraising Appeal Generator

Free Resources

Dive deep into a curated selection of free resources, spanning insightful book chapters, comprehensive training courses, and in-depth ebooks. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to not only become a standout fundraiser but also to amplify your impact, raising more funds to touch even more lives. Your mission deserves nothing less. Join us and elevate your fundraising potential today.

Free Fundraising Resources


Nonprofit Answers Podcast

When I started in fundraising, I had a ton of questions. And I know you do too. In the Nonprofit Answers podcast, I answer your nonprofit fundraising and marketing questions. Listen to this great resource on your schedule and get the answers you need to know.

Nonprofit Answers Podcast

Two Minute Fundraising Tips

Life is busy. You feel like you’re running at 100 miles per hour all the time. How do you grow as a nonprofit marketer? This free daily two minute fundraising tip will help you become the fundraiser you want to become – and raise more money to help more people. Learn more and subscribe today.

Two Minute Fundraising Tips

Social Media

Whether it’s LinkedIn, on our Facebook page or Facebook Group, or Twitter, I love interacting with my fellow fundraisers. Follow Nonprofit Donor on our Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Connect with me on LinkedIn


Dave the Development Director

If you’ve spent any time in nonprofit development, you’ll be able to relate to Dave. He’s likable and wants to do the right thing – no matter the obstacles and challenges other people put in front of him. Enjoy reading Dave the Development Director comics!

Read Dave the Development Director