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In good times and bad, we know that people give because you meet needs, not because you have needs.

Kay Sprinkel Grace

Who is this site for?


YOU can be an excellent fundraiser!

This site is for anyone with a passion for a cause. As you’ve progressed through your fundraising career, you’ve learned new techniques to reach donors and take advantage of different channels. You will develop deeper fundraising and marketing skills here.

I’ve created this site to teach you the art and science of fundraising. Articles and training videos are categorized and rated by level of experience, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. No matter your starting point, you will be able to learn how to be an excellent fundraiser.

Natural born fundraiser is a myth. You can learn a deeper knowledge of fundraising and raise millions of dollars for your favorite cause. I want to show you how.

What skills will you improve?


Fundraising is similar to other industries: there are specific skills you will learn to become a great fundraiser.

From understanding the motivations to why people give to writing fundraising copy that converts, as someone new to fundraising, you’ll need to understand the psychology of the donor and how to present your fundraising campaign. You’ll also need technical skills for managing a donor database, analyzing results, and creating tests to optimize performance.

You will learn how direct mail differs from digital, how to perform direct mail donor acquisition programs and how we’ve adapted those acquisition programs online.

Using the foundation of your existing fundraising skills and knowledge, you will learn how to write better appeals, developer deeper donor relationships, take advantage of cutting edge fundraising techniques, and produce a world class marketing and fundraising program at your nonprofit.

What should I read first?


Mastering Donor Segmentation: Strategies for Targeted Campaigns

Learn donor segmentation techniques to maximize donor engagement and donations.

Donor Psychology and Fundraising

The field of donor psychology is still relatively new, but it has already yielded important insights into why people give (or don’t give) to charitable causes. By understanding the psychological factors that influence giving behavior, nonprofit organizations can design more effective fundraising campaigns and appeal to a wider range of donors.

How to Start a Recurring Giving Program in 5 Easy Steps

Want to accelerate your revenue growth? I’ll share THE fundraising program you need to start or grow.

4 Keys to Getting Better Results from Your Fundraising Testing

As a nonprofit fundraiser, you know that successful fundraising requires strategic planning and effort. But what if you could increase your chances of success by using a data-driven approach?

Why Donors Give: In Exchange for a Premium

When it comes time to ask for donations, remember that everyone has different reasons for giving (or not giving). By understanding the concept of “the premium,” you’ll be better equipped to appeal to potential donors’ individual needs and motivations—which will ultimately lead to more successful fundraising campaigns.

11 Creative Ways to Thank a Donor

The way you say “thank you” to donors could be the most important communication pieces you have as a nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, many nonprofits send “thank you” communications that read more like a formal tax receipt then a heartfelt felt note of appreciation that motivates the donor to want to have a relationship with the … Read more

5 Mistakes You’re Making with Donors … That Have an Easy Fix!

During a recent one-on-one meeting with my our Content Marketer at Food for the Hungry, we were talking about value proposition and reviewing a proposed project. I made a comment that would have led the piece away from being donor focused and our Content Marketer calmly corrected my proposed change. It’s amazing how easy it … Read more


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