50 Fundraising Landing Page Calls to Action (CTAs)


By Jeremy Reis

If you’re looking to raise money for your organization, then you need a fundraising landing page. Landing pages are an essential part of any successful online fundraising campaign, and they’re easy to create using a platform like WordPress or Unbounce. But with so many calls to action (CTAs) to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones to use on your landing page.

As a marketer, you know that creating a landing page is an important part of any fundraising campaign. But what should your call to action (CTA) be on that landing page? Here are 50 ideas to get you started.

  1. Give Now
  2. Donate Today
  3. Donate Now
  4. Get Your Free (Report, eBook, Guide, Devotional, Video)
  5. Download Your Free (Report, eBook, Guide, Devotional, Video)
  6. Request My (Report, Book, Devotional, Video)
  7. Show Your Support By Giving Now
  8. Take Action
  9. Stand With (Name of Beneficiary, Such as Stand With Wendy)
  10. Stand Up For (Name of Beneficiary)
  11. Get Involved!
  12. Volunteer Today
  13. End (Bad Thing That Happens, Such as Slavery) Today
  14. Stop (Bad Thing That Happens, Such as Sex Trafficking)
  15. Change a Life for the Better
  16. Give Us a Call
  17. Make a Donation
  18. Give a Gift
  19. Help Meet the Match
  20. Match My Gift
  21. Find Out More!
  22. Find an Event Near You
  23. Transform Lives Today!
  24. Change One Life Now
  25. Change a Life Today
  26. Change (Name of Beneficiary)’s Life
  27. Give to Someone Like (Name of Beneficiary)
  28. Advocate for (the Poor, Those Needing an Education, Sheltered Pets)
  29. Help One Child Now
  30. Complete Your Gift
  31. Start Right Now
  32. Follow These Steps
  33. Fight With (Organization Name)
  34. Your Gift Doubled
  35. Yes, Double My Gift
  36. Send Aid Now
  37. Send Immediate Help
  38. Watch Video
  39. Finish This Story
  40. Join Today
  41. Join Now
  42. Become a Member
  43. Your Gift Makes a Difference
  44. Protect This Work
  45. Act Now
  46. Protect (Name of Beneficiary)
  47. Send Emergency Aid Today
  48. Save xx Lives
  49. I Want to Help (Children, Elephants, Veterans)
  50. Add My Name to the List

A fundraising landing page is an essential part of any nonprofit’s online fundraising strategy.  In this blog post, you learned 50 different CTAs to inspire your next landing page. Use these to raise more money for your cause!


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