Sample Phrases You Can Use to Thank Your Donors

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By Jeremy Reis

Donors love it when you show appreciation for their support. So much so that 80% of donors say they would be motivated to make a second gift if the nonprofit thanked them. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t properly thanking nonprofit donors and this is negatively affecting our fundraising.

It’s expensive to acquire a new donor. If you don’t get that second gift, it often isn’t profitable. If nonprofit fundraising, you need to secure a second gift to make your acquisition dollars worth it. The chance of getting the third gift and beyond increases significantly once you’re able to secure the second gift. Getting a multi-donor requires building a great relationship with your donor.

But how do we say thanks?

Sometimes it’s difficult to transition from writing appeals to writing great thank you copy that truly shows appreciation. Here are several phrases you can use in your donor communications:

Your generous donation is helping end hunger in Atlanta and beyond.

Thanks to your generous support, we have a victory to celebrate! 

3,650. The number of meals you and other donors like you provided this Thanksgiving. On behalf of all the families who didn’t go to bed hungry this Thanksgiving, we thank you.

Thank you for making an investment into the future of arts in the community of Tallahassee. 

What you did to reach children this Christmas has been amazing! Your $35 gift helped clothe and feed a child this month. Thank you.

You’ve taken a stand for the hundreds of thousands of children who will go to bed hungry tonight.

You did it! You helped us reach our $350,000 goal to provide clean water to over 500 families in the Dominican Republic!

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to help lost pets find a new home. Your $50 donation is helping feed sheltered animals this month!

Without your support, we wouldn’t have reached our match goal. Your gift was matched to help even more single moms find job placement assistance and get onto the road to self sustainment.

Jim, thank you for your $100 donation to emergency relief. Right now, you are delivering emergency relief supplies to Puerto Rico and ensuring a family has shelter and clean water to drink.

YOU are changing the life of children this year by supporting the shelter building fund. When completed, the building will house 400 at-risk children and your donation is going to transform their lives and allow them to receive an education. Thank you for changing the life of children.

Your belief in Cornerstone Ministries has helped us do great work this year. Thank you for continuing to support the mission and for changing the lives of those we serve together.

Saying thank you to your donors is an essential part of the donor relationship development. To find great success with your nonprofit fundraising, you have to cultivate and build this relationship.

Want to learn more about showing gratitude to your donors to retain more donors?

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  • How a simple phone call can results in gifts and a lifelong donor relationship

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