6 Successful Phone Scripts for Getting More Corporate Sponsorships

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By Jeremy Reis

Securing corporate sponsorships can often feel like a dance between persuasion and the right pitch. But what if the secret to success lies not just in the passion of your plea, but in the very words you choose? Perfecting the art of communication can dramatically tip the balance in your favor.

In this article, we’ll uncover six tried-and-tested phone scripts that have successfully unlocked corporate generosity.

From the first “hello” to sealing the deal, these scripts are designed to guide you with confidence, clarity, and an unmistakable touch of professionalism. Whether you’re a seasoned fundraiser or just starting out, these scripts are set to be the tool that transforms your phone pitch from good to irresistible.

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5 Key Components of an Effective Phone Script for Nonprofit Fundraisers

1. Opening: Capturing Attention with Authenticity

When the phone rings on the other end, remember: the next few seconds can shape the entire course of the conversation. Start strong by being genuine. The instant reflex is to introduce yourself, but you’re not just introducing “you”; you’re representing an entire mission.

Brevity is your ally here. A simple, “Hi, this is [Name] from [Organization]” sets the stage.

But what follows that can make or break your opener. Let them know that you appreciate their time before they have a chance to decide they don’t have any to spare. It’s not just a courteous act; it’s an acknowledgment that their time, like their potential support, is invaluable.

2. Contextualizing: Painting a Vivid Picture

Your cause is not just a list of data points or an abstract mission. It’s a narrative. Every time you reach out, you have the opportunity to share a chapter of that story.

But here’s the twist – don’t dive straight into the hard stats.

Instead, provide a snapshot of your organization’s real-world impact. Maybe it’s about the hundreds of trees planted last month or the fifty kids who now have access to better education because of your initiatives. And to make this narrative resonate, sprinkle in success stories or testimonials. The story of John, who overcame insurmountable challenges thanks to your organization, is much more compelling than mere percentages and numbers.

3. The Ask: Merging Confidence with Clarity

Now, this is the heart of the script. It’s also the most delicate part. You’re asking for support, for sponsorship. This isn’t about begging or throwing out wild promises. It’s about mutual benefits.

Clearly outline what the corporation stands to gain. Perhaps it’s the positive PR from being associated with a noble cause, or maybe it’s about having their logo prominently displayed at your events. But more than what they gain, underscore what their support can manifest. “With your support, we can ensure that 100 more children get quality education this year.”

Highlight the tangible difference they can help achieve.

4. Handling Objections: Turning Roadblocks into Stepping Stones

In every fundraiser’s journey, objections are par for the course. But an objection isn’t a rejection; it’s a request for more information. If they’re concerned about budgetary constraints, offer flexible sponsorship tiers.

When they’re unsure about how their funds will be utilized, walk them through the process. Address common objections not with defensiveness, but with facts, understanding, and options. Remember, every objection is an opportunity to provide clarity, and every answer can inch you closer to a ‘yes’.

5. Closing: Leaving the Door Open

The close is not the end; it’s a new beginning. Whether they’ve committed to sponsorship, are mulling it over, or have declined, gratitude is the anchor. Thank them for their time, their consideration, and their openness.

Make them feel valued, not just for their potential sponsorship, but as partners who took the time to listen. If they’ve chosen to support, provide next steps. If they’re on the fence, let them know you’re available for any further information.

And if it’s a no, understand that today’s ‘no’ can be tomorrow’s ‘maybe.’ So always leave the conversation on a positive note, setting the stage for future interactions.

Your phone script is more than just a guide to conversation. It’s the bridge between your organization’s goals and the support you seek. Crafting it requires empathy, clarity, and above all, genuine belief in your cause. With these five components in place, every call becomes an opportunity to inspire and invite potential sponsors into your mission’s fold.

Example Phone Scripts for Getting Corporate Sponsors for Nonprofit Events

Phone Script for Inviting Corporate Sponsorship for an Annual Gala or Dinner

[Your Name]: Hello, [Recipient’s Name or appropriate designation if you don’t know the name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Nonprofit Organization’s Name]. How are you today?

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “I’m good, thank you.”]

[Your Name]: That’s great to hear! I hope it’s a good time to speak. I’m reaching out today with an opportunity that aligns closely with [Corporation’s Name]’s values and offers a unique platform for visibility and engagement.

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Go on.”]

[Your Name]: Every year, we host our Annual Gala Dinner, which is our cornerstone fundraising event. It’s not just a dinner, but a gathering of passionate individuals, influencers, and decision-makers who come together to support our mission of [Brief Description of Your Mission, e.g., “providing education for underprivileged children”].

Given [Corporation’s Name]’s commitment to [Related Corporate Value or Initiative, e.g., “community development and empowerment”], we believe that partnering as a sponsor for this event would be a perfect synergy.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Your sponsorship would not only offer prominent brand visibility throughout the event but also demonstrate [Corporation’s Name]’s dedication to meaningful causes in front of a large and influential audience. Moreover, we’ve seen past sponsors experience enhanced goodwill and positive PR, reiterating their position as community leaders.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: I would be more than happy to share detailed sponsorship packages, which include benefits such as logo placement, mentions in our press releases, and even opportunities for keynote slots or panel discussions. But more than that, it’s a chance to be part of a transformative journey and make a real impact.

Would it be possible for us to schedule a more detailed discussion or perhaps meet in person to delve deeper into this potential collaboration?

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Thank you, [Recipient’s Name]. Regardless of your decision, we genuinely appreciate your time and consideration. We truly believe that together, we can make a significant difference. Looking forward to our continued conversation. Have a great day!

[Recipient]: [Their closing response]

Phone Script for Inviting Corporate Sponsorship for a Charity Walk/Run

[Your Name]: Hello, [Recipient’s Name or appropriate designation if you don’t know the name]. My name is [Your Name], and I represent [Your Nonprofit Organization’s Name]. I hope you’re having a good day.

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Thank you, I am. How can I assist you?”]

[Your Name]: I’m reaching out with an opportunity that I believe resonates with [Corporation’s Name]’s ethos and commitment to [Relevant Corporate Value or Initiative, e.g., “wellness and community engagement”].

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “I’m listening.”]

[Your Name]: Wonderful. Each year, we organize a Charity Walk/Run, like our upcoming [Specific Event Name, e.g., “5K for Kids’ Health”]. These events bring together individuals of all ages and backgrounds, united in their purpose to support causes such as [Brief Description of Your Mission, e.g., “improving children’s health outcomes”].

We are reaching out to forward-thinking companies like [Corporation’s Name] to explore a potential sponsorship collaboration for this year’s event.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: By partnering with us, [Corporation’s Name] will have the opportunity to showcase its brand to a diverse and engaged audience, both through event branding and pre-event promotions. More importantly, it’s a chance to actively support and be a part of a community-driven cause. Imagine the positive visibility and impact as participants don your brand and run with a shared purpose!

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: We offer various sponsorship packages, each designed to provide value to our partners, from booth spaces to logo placements on event materials and even potential speaking opportunities. But beyond the tangible benefits, this partnership is about joining hands for a shared mission.

Could we set up a detailed discussion to explore this further? Maybe a meeting or a presentation tailored to [Corporation’s Name]’s objectives and interests?

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Thank you so much for considering this, [Recipient’s Name]. We truly value the chance to collaborate with esteemed businesses like [Corporation’s Name] to drive positive change in our community. I’m hopeful for the possibilities our partnership can unlock. Have a fantastic day!

[Recipient]: [Their closing response]

Phone Script for Inviting Corporate Sponsorship for a Golf Tournament

[Your Name]: Hello, [Recipient’s Name or appropriate designation if you don’t know the name]. This is [Your Name] calling from [Your Nonprofit Organization’s Name]. How are you doing today?

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “I’m doing well, thank you. How can I help?”]

[Your Name]: I’m reaching out with a unique and engaging opportunity that aligns seamlessly with [Corporation’s Name]’s corporate profile and its commitment to [Relevant Corporate Value or Initiative, e.g., “community development and networking”].

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Sounds intriguing. Go on.”]

[Your Name]: As you may know, each year we host a Golf Tournament as part of our fundraising and awareness initiatives. The event is not only about the sport but also serves as a vibrant networking platform, bringing together business leaders, community influencers, and passionate supporters of our cause – [Brief Description of Your Mission, e.g., “providing clean water to underserved regions”].

We believe that a sponsorship partnership with [Corporation’s Name] for this event would be a win-win.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Partnering with us would offer [Corporation’s Name] a prime opportunity to not only showcase its brand to a niche and influential audience but also to engage in meaningful interactions on the green. Think about it: hours of golf, camaraderie, and discussions, all under the banner of [Corporation’s Name], supporting a noble cause.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Our sponsorship packages are thoughtfully crafted, offering brand placements on event materials, dedicated tee-boxes, and even opportunities for product showcases or stalls. But, beyond these benefits, it’s about aligning your brand with a charitable mission and enjoying a day of golf and networking with some of the most passionate individuals in our community.

Would it be possible for us to discuss this further? Perhaps over a coffee or at your preferred location?

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Thank you for your time and consideration, [Recipient’s Name]. Collaborations like this truly empower our mission, and I believe together, we can make this event memorable and impactful. Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!

[Recipient]: [Their closing response]

Phone Script for Inviting Corporate Sponsorship for Youth Programs

[Your Name]: Hey there, [Recipient’s Name or appropriate designation if you don’t know the name]. It’s [Your Name] from [Your Nonprofit Organization’s Name]. How’s your day treating you?

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Hey! Not too bad, thanks. What can I do for you?”]

[Your Name]: Awesome! So, I wanted to chat with you about something exciting and, honestly, pretty heartwarming. You know how [Corporation’s Name] has always shown interest in the next generation, right?

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Absolutely. We’re all about empowering the youth.”]

[Your Name]: That’s exactly what I love about you guys! We’ve got these youth programs rolling out – camps, mentorships, educational events, the whole shebang. It’s all about lighting up young faces, guiding them, and giving them some fun and learning.

I was thinking, wouldn’t it be something special if [Corporation’s Name] came on board and we did this together?

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Picture this: kids sporting gear with [Corporation’s Name] logo, mentors discussing life and career options, all under the supportive umbrella of your company. It’s not just about branding; it’s shaping the future and making an impact where it truly counts.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: We’ve crafted some cool sponsorship packages that ensure it’s a win-win for everyone. But more than that, the stories and memories we could create together… it’s the kind of stuff that warms the soul, you know?

Would you be up for a deeper chat? Maybe grab a coffee and brainstorm how this could work?

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Thanks a ton, [Recipient’s Name]. Whatever direction this takes, I’m just thrilled we’re talking about it. Here’s to potential adventures and changing young lives! Catch you soon?

[Recipient]: [Their closing response]

Phone Script for Inviting Corporate Sponsorship for Holiday-themed Events

[Your Name]: Hello, [Recipient’s Name or appropriate designation if you don’t know the name]. It’s [Your Name] from [Your Nonprofit Organization’s Name]. How are you gearing up for the holiday season?

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Hi there! Getting into the holiday spirit, as always. How about you?”]

[Your Name]: Absolutely! It’s that magical time of the year. Speaking of which, I wanted to chat with you about something that combines the holiday spirit with making a real difference.

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Oh? Tell me more!”]

[Your Name]: With the holidays just around the corner, we’re organizing some festive events. Think toy drives for Christmas, heartwarming Thanksgiving dinner initiatives for families in need. It’s all about sprinkling some extra joy and warmth.

And here’s a thought: How magical would it be for [Corporation’s Name] to be the guiding star of these events?

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: By joining hands with us, [Corporation’s Name] would not just be a brand but a beacon of hope and joy for many. Imagine the smiles, the gratitude, the shared moments – all with [Corporation’s Name] at the heart of it.

We’ve got a range of sponsorship options, and honestly, beyond the logo placements and mentions, it’s a chance to truly embody the spirit of giving.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: How about we set up a festive coffee catch-up? Dive into the details, maybe brainstorm some ideas to make this collaboration sparkle even brighter?

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Fantastic, [Recipient’s Name]. Whether we’re sipping hot cocoa or just sharing holiday stories, I’m looking forward to it. Here’s to the possibility of making the holidays a tad bit merrier together. Cheers!

[Recipient]: [Their closing response]

Phone Script for Inviting Corporate Sponsorship for an Auction or Raffle Event

[Your Name]: Hello, [Recipient’s Name or appropriate designation if you don’t know the name]. It’s [Your Name] from [Your Nonprofit Organization’s Name]. How’s everything at [Corporation’s Name]?

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Things are bustling as usual. How can I help you today?”]

[Your Name]: Sounds lively! I’m reaching out with a unique and engaging opportunity. Picture an event filled with excitement, anticipation, and friendly competition — all for a noble cause.

[Recipient]: [Their response, e.g., “Sounds interesting. Go on.”]

[Your Name]: We’re hosting an Auction and Raffle event, where we have some fantastic items up for bid. These events not only generate buzz and excitement but, most importantly, they benefit our cause – [Brief Description of Your Mission, e.g., “building shelters for the homeless”].

I thought, what if [Corporation’s Name] became the shining star of this event? Your brand would be at the heart of an evening filled with excitement, all while making a significant difference.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: By partnering with us, not only would [Corporation’s Name] get to showcase its commitment to the community, but there’s also a lot of visibility and engagement involved. From branding at the event to mentions in promotional materials, and perhaps even a special spot to showcase any product or service you’d like to donate for the auction!

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: What do you think about us joining forces for this event? I’d love to sit down, perhaps over lunch or coffee, and chat about how we can make this collaboration beneficial and memorable for both of us.

[Recipient]: [Their response]

[Your Name]: Fantastic, [Recipient’s Name]. I truly believe that with [Corporation’s Name] by our side, this event could reach new heights. Thank you for considering this. I’m excited about the possibilities, and I’ll be in touch to set up our chat. Have a brilliant day!

[Recipient]: [Their closing response]

How to Handle Objections to Corporate Sponsorships at Your Nonprofit

Navigating the terrain of corporate sponsorships for your nonprofit can be challenging, but it is especially crucial to be prepared for objections. Even if your mission is solid and the potential benefits are vast, you’re bound to encounter reservations or concerns from potential corporate sponsors. Knowing how to handle these objections gracefully and informatively can be the difference between a declined proposal and a budding partnership.

Understanding the Common Concerns

Corporate entities, like individuals, have their motivations, fears, and hesitations. It’s crucial to anticipate potential objections so you can craft well-informed responses. The first step is understanding the common concerns:

  1. Relevance to Brand Image: “How does this partnership align with our brand image or core values?”
  2. Financial Constraints: “Given our current budget, we’re not sure we can sponsor at the level you’re asking.”
  3. Visibility and Returns: “What kind of visibility and return on investment can we expect from this sponsorship?”
  4. Past Engagements: “We’ve sponsored similar events in the past and didn’t see much value.”

Crafting Your Responses

Now, let’s delve into crafting persuasive and genuine responses to these objections:

  1. Relevance to Brand Image

    Your Response: “We completely understand the importance of brand alignment. Our organization’s mission of [your mission, e.g., ’empowering underprivileged youth through education’] has multifaceted impacts that resonate with a broad audience. By partnering with us, [Corporation’s Name] can showcase its commitment to community development and future generations, creating a positive association and amplifying its corporate social responsibility efforts.”

  2. Financial Constraints

    Your Response: “We genuinely appreciate your considering the partnership despite budget constraints. We do have a variety of sponsorship levels, and we’re more than willing to tailor a package that aligns with your budget while still offering valuable returns. It’s the impact and mutual collaboration we value most. Let’s discuss a package that suits both our needs.”

  3. Visibility and Returns

    Your Response: “That’s a valid concern. Here’s how we envision [Corporation’s Name] benefiting from the sponsorship: [Provide specifics, e.g., ‘Your logo will feature prominently on all event banners, digital promotions, and merchandise. We’re also planning media coverage that will give your brand exposure to X number of potential clients or customers. Beyond this, there’s the intangible yet valuable goodwill generated from being associated with a noble cause.’] We’re committed to ensuring our sponsors see the value of their support.”

  4. Past Engagements

    Your Response: “We respect and value your past efforts in supporting causes. Every event and partnership has its unique elements. What sets our proposal apart is [specific USP, e.g., ‘our dedicated audience base of over 10,000 regular donors and supporters, or our track record of successful collaborations with other corporates’]. We’ve also implemented feedback from past events to ensure our sponsors get the maximum value. Let’s discuss how we can make this experience different and more rewarding for you.”

Objections don’t necessarily signify a closed door. Often, they’re an invitation to provide more clarity, showcase the value, and deepen the engagement. By preparing for these objections and handling them with empathy, confidence, and data-backed responses, you can turn apprehensions into opportunities for collaboration. Remember, it’s a partnership you’re proposing, and like all partnerships, it thrives on mutual understanding and clear communication.


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