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Monthly Donor Retention: How Do I Measure and Improve Recurring Donor Retention?

Implementing strategic donor retention practices, such as personalized communication and data-driven interventions, can significantly improve the sustainability and success of your nonprofit’s monthly giving program.

Get More Donations from Your Nonprofit Leads Through an Email Welcome Series

A well-crafted, 5-part email welcome series is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations to engage new leads, build trust, and effectively convert them into loyal donors by providing value, sharing impact stories, and making compelling donation appeals.

Why Fundraising Asks are Vital to Your Faith-Based Nonprofit

Discover how making compelling fundraising asks can transform your faith-based nonprofit, strengthen donor relationships, and help you fulfill your God-given mission in this essential guide for passionate fundraisers.

What Does the Bible Say About Stewardship?

Discover the transformative biblical principles of stewardship that will not only enhance your fundraising practices but also deepen your understanding of God’s call to manage resources, talents, and relationships for His glory.

Emerging Trends in Planned Giving: What Every Fundraiser Should Know

Discover the eight game-changing trends revolutionizing planned giving and learn how to harness their power to secure your nonprofit’s future and create a lasting impact.

10 Post-Event Survey Questions

Discover the 10 essential post-event survey questions that will help you gain valuable insights, improve your fundraising events, and create a stronger connection with your attendees and supporters.

8 Common Misconceptions About Planned Giving

Discover how debunking eight common misconceptions about planned giving can help nonprofit fundraisers unlock the full potential of this powerful tool and secure their organization’s long-term financial success.

Ultimate Guide to Recurring Giving for Churches

Discover the transformative power of recurring giving and learn how to create a thriving, sustainable fundraising program that will empower your church to make a lasting impact in your community and beyond.

8 Vital Donation Page Best Practices

Discover the eight essential best practices that will transform your donation page into a powerful fundraising tool, inspiring supporters and driving meaningful contributions to your cause.

15 Leadership Tips for Nonprofit Leaders

Discover 15 essential tips for effective nonprofit leadership, covering topics like defining a compelling vision, building a strong team, strategic thinking, resource management, partnerships, innovation, ethical practices, and self-care.

Best Practices for Using a Donor CRM

Unlock the full potential of your donor CRM and revolutionize your fundraising efforts with these eight essential best practices that will help you build stronger relationships with donors, increase efficiency, and drive greater impact for your nonprofit organization.

7 Reasons Donors Choose Monthly Commitments

Discover the seven compelling reasons donors choose monthly giving and learn proven strategies to grow your recurring giving program, boost donor loyalty, and increase your nonprofit’s impact.

8 Social Media Trends in 2024

Discover the eight game-changing social media trends that will empower your nonprofit to thrive, inspire, and make an unparalleled impact in 2024 and beyond.

Roadblocks to Avoid: Common Mistakes in Monthly Giving Campaigns

Discover the five critical mistakes that could be holding back your monthly giving campaign and learn actionable strategies to overcome them, unlocking the full potential of sustainable fundraising for your nonprofit.

7 Tips for Volunteer Fundraisers

Discover seven game-changing tips that will transform you from a volunteer fundraiser into a fundraising superstar, empowering you to make a lasting impact on the causes you care about most.

21 Digital Fundraising KPIs Your Nonprofit Should Track

Discover the 21 essential digital fundraising KPIs your nonprofit should track to optimize your online strategies, build stronger donor relationships, and maximize your impact in this comprehensive guide.

35 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Nonprofit Conference

Discover 35 essential tips to supercharge your nonprofit conference experience, unleash your potential, and ignite your passion for driving positive change in the world.

Mastering Donor Segmentation: Strategies for Targeted Campaigns

Learn donor segmentation techniques to maximize donor engagement and donations.

12 Critical Reasons You Need a Sustainer Program

Learn the importance of sustainer programs for organizations, emphasizing their role in ensuring financial stability, fostering donor relationships, enabling strategic resource allocation, and enhancing overall impact.

11 Benefits Corporations Gain from Nonprofit Sponsorships

Learn how corporate sponsorships of non-profit organizations not only foster societal welfare but also yield significant, multifaceted benefits for corporations, including enhanced brand image, consumer loyalty, and sustainable business growth.

How to Approach and Pitch to Big Corporations for Nonprofit Sponsorships

A step-by-step guide on securing corporate sponsorship for nonprofits, emphasizing the importance of understanding potential sponsors, tailoring proposals, delivering compelling pitches, negotiating terms, and nurturing long-term partnerships.

The Power of Social Proof in Email Fundraising

Discover insightful strategies on how to effectively leverage testimonials and success stories in email fundraising to build trust, demonstrate impact, and ultimately increase donations.

Building a Sponsorship Package

Discover actionable guidance for nonprofit fundraisers on crafting compelling packages, effective outreach, and successful negotiations with corporate sponsors to foster meaningful partnerships.
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