Donor Psychology and Fundraising

The field of donor psychology is still relatively new, but it has already yielded important insights into why people give (or don't give) to charitable causes. By understanding the psychological factors that influence giving behavior, nonprofit organizations can design more effective fundraising campaigns and appeal to a wider range of donors.

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Why Donors Give: In Exchange for a Premium

When it comes time to ask for donations, remember that everyone has different reasons for giving (or not giving). By understanding the concept of "the premium," you'll be better equipped to appeal to potential donors' individual needs and motivations—which will ultimately lead to more successful fundraising campaigns.

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11 Creative Ways to Thank a Donor

The way you say "thank you" to donors could be the most important communication pieces you have as a nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, many nonprofits send "thank you" communications that read more like a formal tax receipt then a heartfelt felt note of appreciation that motivates the donor to want to have a relationship with the

5 Mistakes You’re Making with Donors … That Have an Easy Fix!

During a recent one-on-one meeting with my our Content Marketer at Food for the Hungry, we were talking about value proposition and reviewing a proposed project. I made a comment that would have led the piece away from being donor focused and our Content Marketer calmly corrected my proposed change. It's amazing how easy it

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