100 Email Appeal Subject Lines

, Fundraising, Intermediate

By Jeremy Reis

When you’re writing email appeals, the subject and preview text are two key factors to increase your open rate. You want to create a subject line that grabs the reader’s attention and entices her to open the email without being disingenuous. There isn’t a specific template or formula you should use for your subject line, instead you should write something that draws the reader in and captures their attention in the ~3 seconds you have as she scrolls through her emails.

I’ve compiled this list of 100 subject lines for you to get a feel for how other organizations write subject lines and to spark ideas:

  1. A simple, monthly act that changes lives
  2. We need you, more than you need us
  3. DEADLINE: don’t miss this chance to become a Champion
  4. Are you sitting this out?
  5. [TRIPLE MATCH ALERT] 3 times the impact for wildlife
  6. Jeremy, last chance to make your year-end gift!
  7. Don’t stand by and let this happen to the ocean
  8. Your kind, compassionate and generous spirit
  9. re: falling behind
  10. A Power Couple
  11. Thank you! We met our goal.
  12. Still Time to Save $800 on Your Taxes
  13. LAST chance to triple your impact
  14. Still Time to Claim Your Tax Credit
  15. Dirty. Diseased. Deadly.
  16. Impress your Valentine with a gift that lasts longer than flowers AND changes lives!
  17. Friend, please donate before midnight!
  18. The Look of Love
  19. 2018 Annual Fund campaign: Make a difference
  20. [tax deadline] 2x the hope for 2018
  21. Give Hope from the Heart
  22. Give 100%
  23. Abused For a Cruel Sport – Blossom’s Story
  24. We ? snow days
  25. A New Lease on Life
  26. Too many moms dying in your state
  27. FINAL chance: 2017 is ending
  28. Make a Difference Before 2017 Ends
  29. Best Bang for the Buck for Birds
  30. Urgent: Ministry Partners Needed
  31. Just $25 can save a life. And your gift doubles!
  32. Time is running out
  33. Deadline Approaching
  34. URGENT: Just hours remain
  35. Jeremy, Still Need a Valentine’s Gift?
  36. Last Chance to Give a Little Kindness
  37. [UPDATE] Tax bill
  38. Don’t miss this opportunity!
  39. There’s still time!
  40. Tomorrow is the Final Day to Give a Little Kindness
  41. You have 48 hours to give this gift:
  42. 3x Match: We need your response, Jeremy.
  43. Re: Serena Williams’ story
  44. Only a few hours remain
  45. fwd: Protect them from the cold (GIFT MATCH)
  46. The good news: it only takes a minute to give a student a better future
  47. Jane Goodall wants you to find your role to play…
  48. Urgent! Final deadline
  49. Truth for yesterday, today and tomorrow
  50. ACT QUICK: Homeless kids need this match
  51. Beyond the 2017 headlines
  52. What hunger feels like
  53. Last chance to make your tax-deductible gift
  54. Looking Ahead to 2018 and the Future of Immunotherapy
  55. Time is running out
  56. Spread hope this holiday season
  57. Only 72 hours left to change baby George’s life…
  58. Re: 11:59 PM
  59. Midnight tonight
  60. Jeremy, make sure your gift is counted in 2017!
  61. Match Made! Year End Giving
  62. Friend, multiply your impact
  63. Jeremy, Join Us for the Celebration!
  64. [TRIPLE MATCH]: Babies are counting on you
  65. Every hour counts
  66. Adopt-a-Bat for your Valentine TODAY (to get it by February 14)!
  67. Deadline: Midnight Tomorrow!
  68. DEADLINE: One day left to double your 2017 year-end gift!
  69. We’ve got the good news you need from Feb…
  70. EXPIRING: Your tax deduction & triple gift
  71. Clinical Trial Gives Survivor Hope
  72. [MATCH] From New York to Nicaragua
  73. Give a Little Kindness Before Midnight Tonight
  74. “FW: URGENT: Just hours remain”
  75. It’s a New Year – and we’re grateful for you!
  76. 300 Champions – are you one?
  77. Give Today. Win the Challenge.
  78. Start the new year right
  79. GIFTS TRIPLED: A baby named Jeremy born in your community
  80. Frankie Muniz has a Message for You!
  81. Our Pledge To Serve America’s Military Families
  82. Reporting: Red Cross Blood Shortage In National News
  83. The Race Is On to *DOUBLE* Your Gift!
  84. FINAL DAY: Triple your gift for moms and babies
  85. Urgent deadline. Match increased – all gifts doubled.
  86. Commit to lasting solutions. (Monthly match ending)
  87. ONLY 3 Days Left!
  88. 2 days left to give
  89. Unacceptable
  90. Jeremy, multiply your impact
  91. 2017 is almost over. Make your gift.
  92. Will you lift your voice in prayer?
  93. Eugene was ready to give up
  94. Our world’s one and only hope
  95. Midnight TONIGHT
  96. ? Last chance to buy Name a Roach pins, socks, and chocolates!
  97. Important Deadline Reminder
  98. Bring warmth to a family in more ways than one – gift a coat or blanket today!
  99. The last thing you do this year.
  100. Final opportunity to double your impact!

A great subject line is just one of the elements that will determine your appeal’s success. Want more? Find 100 more subject lines here and Giving Tuesday subject lines. The subject line is a key part of a highly successful email appeal.



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