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5 Ways to Build Loyalty with Your Donors

Much of the fundraising material written today is about acquiring new donors, yet building loyalty with your existing donors and getting that second gift is finding its way to the top of the nonprofit list of strategies. Smart organizations are aggressively courting first time givers to engage for multiple gifts. Many organizations are now focusing on

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10 Email Fundraising Tips You Need Right Now

Email may be the best kept fundraising secret for your nonprofit! Not because you aren't already using it, but because there is so much opportunity to change and test different parts of a fundraising email to see the impact on results. Today, we're going to discuss some ideas of things you can put into practice right

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Accion International

Accion International is an international relief and development non-profit organization that focuses on financing, micro loans, and business training. In their own words: At Accion, our vision is to build a financially inclusive world – one in which every individual has access to high-quality, affordable financial services. Whether you’re interested in a particular aspect of

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Facebook Photo Posts No Longer King

Facebook continues to update their post algorithm and for a long time photo posts performed the best of all post types. Marketers quickly identified this trend and started moving many of their post types to photo posts. This has resulted in a glut of photo posts and Facebook has altered the algorithm once again and

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How important are your organizational celebrations?

Does the anniversary of when your organization was founded matter? Is your year end fundraising (not calendar year) important to the donor? In other words, if your fiscal year ends September 30, will a donor actually be motivated to give? We know donors care about calendar year end giving for tax reasons, but why should they

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